Should I Try To Work On Social Security Disability?

After working 40 hours a week for a significant portion of their lives, some individuals might find it frustrating to stay at home due to a disability. While the government provides benefits based on the unique attributes of a case, many people feel discouraged and feel like they need to make another attempt to work while their claim is pending. The Social Security Administration has allowances for these work attempts but it is important to seek the legal advice and guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer before doing anything that might jeopardize your SSD benefits.

SSD Attorney Providing Guidance At Each Step

If you have asked yourself — should I try to work on Social Security Disability — the answer is that it is usually okay to try. The government has policies that allow for certain attempts at employment. However, if you are in the Social Security appeals process and trying to work, the rules are different than if you are already receiving disability benefits and trying to work. It is important to consult with our attorney to ensure that you follow the rules and don’t endanger your future financial stability.

Learn More About The Process From An Experienced Attorney

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