Portland Area Social Security Disability Appeal Lawyer

Do Not Go Through This Process Alone

Some individuals choose to file for Social Security Disability benefits without assistance from a skilled attorney. When this happens, they often give up or miss deadlines which can jeopardize their rights to benefits. If you have been denied benefits, contact an Oregon Social Security Disability appeal attorney immediately to ensure that all deadlines are met and to maximize your potential benefits. There is no fee associated with scheduling a free initial consultation with Robyn M. Rebers LLC. These cases are handled based on contingency fees, meaning you will pay no lawyer fees unless we successfully obtain benefits on your behalf.

Dedicated Representation at Each Level of Appeal

There are four basic levels to the denied disability benefits appeal process. My experience in every level can help you achieve results as quickly as possible. If you have been denied benefits, I can help you:

  1. File a request for reconsideration
  2. Request an administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing
  3. Request a review of your case by the Social Security Administration Appeals Council
  4. File a civil action in federal court, governed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

The backlog of applications that are sent into the SSA has made the process for applications and appeals very long and drawn-out. Each denial you get only increases the time you spend struggling without steady income. I can bear the legal burden in your case as you focus on retaining your residence, maintaining your health and securing your long-term well-being.

Denied Disability Benefits? Contact a Portland Area Attorney Today

E-mail or call my office today to schedule a free initial consultation regarding Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income so I can help you through this process.