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During the time you have spent working, you have likely paid taxes into Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD). This insurance program provides individuals who suffer from disabilities the opportunity to receive steady income and insurance that helps them maintain their health and well-being. An experienced Oregon Social Security Disability lawyer can answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Unfortunately, many disabled individuals are not aware of the proper documentation and procedures that need to be followed in order to prove their physical and mental impairments to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Portland area SSD and SSI attorney, Robyn M. Rebers, provides guidance in this specific area of law, and can help you pursue benefits as quickly as possible.

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How Can Social Security Disability Insurance Help?

Individuals in need of disability benefits will frequently try to work through their disability until their efforts are exhausted and they can no longer reliably show up for work. You may have been laid off due to your disability, or have resigned to the fact that you can no longer perform a job within your skill set. When this happens, your living wage can be reduced to nothing.

Social Security Disability Insurance can help people obtain their basic needs like food, shelter and health care. There is usually at least a five-month waiting period associated with approval, if not longer. Individuals applying must be able to prove the onset date of their disability, and getting help from a skilled attorney can help them do so more effectively. It is important to get the process started as soon as possible so that you can get the benefits you need.

Disability Claim Denied? Reach An Experienced Oregon Attorney

I can represent you through the complicated process of filing for disability, gathering the necessary medical records and documentation, and appealing any denial of benefits you face. Having a lawyer on your side who understands your needs is an integral part of conveying the severity of your disability and your inability to sustain employment.

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