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How people 50+ can claim SSDI

People filing a claim for Social Security Disability when over 50 should be aware of some special guidelines.

A person can suffer an injury or illness that renders them unable to work at any age or stage of life. For people in and around Tualatin, Oregon, who are over 50, special concerns can arise because the process of claiming Social Security Disability Insurance after the age of 50 can be different than doing so at a younger age.

A look at over-50 SSDI claims

The Social Security Administration reports that 53 was the average age of persons receiving Social Security Disability benefits in 2012. This confirms that this form of assistance is needed by persons in this age group. A monthly average benefit was paid amounting to just under $1,135. Of the people receiving benefits, 87.5 percent were disabled workers.

Over-50 eligibility requirements for SSD

The Social Security Administration sets forth specific employment duration requirements that people over 50 must meet in order to qualify for Social Security Disability. A minimum of five years of employment with sufficient earnings must be on record during the 10-year period ending with the quarter in which the disability was identified. In other words, an individual must establish disability within five years of having worked enough.

Additional work duration requirements must be met. These increase with every two years of age for the applicant, as follows:

•· For people 50 and 51 years old, seven years of work must be documented. Seven and a half years is required for people 52 and 53 years old.

•· For people 54 and 55 years old, eight years of work must be documented. Eight and a half years is required for people 56 and 57 years old.

•· For people 58 and 59 years old, nine years of work must be documented. Nine and a half years is required for people 60 and older.

The duration of work test and the recent work test are both used to determine qualifying employment for applicants.

How disabled workers can receive SSD

People in Oregon who become disabled can file an application to receive Social Security disability benefits. The application must be filled out correctly and supporting documentation is required. It is estimated that more than half of all applications for SSD are denied - many of which are due to missing information.

Filing an application for disability benefits can be complex and time-consuming. Working with an attorney who understands the various requirements and nuances of the program is always recommended.

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